Femme Occulte

Femme Occulte #5 Spring 2022

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“Welcome dear readers to the new year with Femme Occulte, which opens with an airy theme. This year’s magazines will be marked by the magic of senses, the first guide to the pages of the spring issue being hearing. Not surprisingly, in creating the chapters, we have focused on the magic of music, the rhythmic use of beads, or the plants of the Air that rustle their crowns under the sky, heal the voice, or rattle in the beanstalk.

Besides opening the door to new themes for 2022, our Garden has also opened its doors to the fresh scents of plants – seedlings who will share their magical practice with us. As the Czech land is where the cultures of many tribes and peoples have met in the past, this year, we will look at Germanic and Celtic magic alongside our stalwart Slavic magic.

But that is not all! With the advent of the tea chapters in the previous year, we have already slowly foreseen a path from the Western esoteric tradition represented by Hermeticism, over the Middle East of Kabbalistic teachings, to the Eastern esoteric tradition, which this year will be represented by chapters on the I-Ching, the Book of Changes that fascinated greats such as psychologist and archetype researcher Carl Gustav Jung.

Let the enchanting breeze of magical systems of near and far enrich your mind and spirit.”