Femme Occulte

Femme Occulte #4 Winter 2021

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“The second year with Femme Occulte is slowly coming to its end, and before all this year’s chapters are huddled together over a cup of tea in the book edition of Liber Magicae II (scheduled for spring 2022), this issue will warm you up on quiet winter evenings. To reach the peak and goal of the magical pyramid, all that remains in the ritual is to pass through its last side – the side of Silence, which may seem as dark and distant as the universe beyond the gates of Pluto. But as we read in the astrological chapters, darkness is often the space for new birth or rebirth.

Silence, darkness, and birth are attributes of the winter element of the Earth, which we learn more about through its creatures and plants. A time of contemplation will be supported by the creation of purpura, tasty recipes, suggestions for walking through Prague (or any other city) and exploring the astrological context of a place, or a guide to geomantic divination.

Rituals, techniques, and traditions of the Old Path and the gate-keys are again included. In Kabbalah, we look around the four worlds of the Sephirothic tree and we will also learn a lot about correspondences, theurgy, and Czech hermeticism.”