Milliken Chamber

Lily of the Valley

Format: 12"


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TechNoir1984 proudly presents the newly mastered and proper vinyl reissue of the debut recording from Michigan bred now L.A. based synth-pop duo, Milliken Chamber. Anna Schmidt (Jane Chain, Prudence) and Kevin Czarnik (Belladonna Grave, Denim, Forever Grey) have long been forging and sculpting to a laser precision their own modern approach to a timeless moody and atmospheric dark-wave drenched synth-pop sound. Cold, bleak, heavy, and brilliantly sequenced analog synth and drum tracks are laced with gorgeous and ghostly vocals over 5 songs of unforgettable arrangements. Perfect winter night drive music. A stunning debut saluting both their diverse musical and life experiences as well as the great influences of their past all while simultaneously giving forth great promise of what’s to come.