Edition 4 May 2020

Format: ZINE


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New Orleans anthology zine. “The theme of edition 4 is chrysalis. During the pupal stage of development, a caterpillar sheds its skin (several times) before being encased in a chrysalis, in which it undergoes metamorphosis. The body of the caterpillar dies, digesting itself from the inside out, and the remaining collection of cells is reborn as a butterfly. Despite its static appearance to the outside world, this is hardly a period of rest; instead, it is a time of rapid growth and change. I think we are all in an era of metamorphosis, of emerging from our chrysalises, either in the inception of true adulthood or simply as a result of this surreal climate of political unrest and environmental crisis and pandemic. The world as I know it is changing faster than I can keep up with, but I’ve got no choice but to keep going.”