Kate Lacour

Do No Harm

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Dangerous Historical Medical Treatments from the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum Collection… ‘Physicians are ethically bound to “do no harm” in their work. Yet medical and the healing arts, both historically and in modern times, are fraught with dangers known and unknown, and few cures can be effected without a cost in pain, suffering, or collateral bodily harm. The New Orleans Pharmacy Museum, housed in antique the apothecary of American’s first licensed pharmacist, presents a wealth of historical medical objects, many of which would have caused patients considerable harm. Mercury laxatives. Lead baby bottles. Labor-inducers that caused hallucination. Aphrodisiacs that caused rectal bleeding. Trepanation drills and leeches. Many of these poisons were originally hailed as panaceas, others were nothing but snake oil and quackery. “Do No Harm” includes a selection of illustrated horrors and highlights from the museum’s permanent collection.
Black and white with brown cardstock cover, 44 pages, 4.5 by 6 inches’