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Death Robot Jungle

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Death Robot Jungle is a system-agnostic setting in LP format for use with any traditional roleplaying game. Included is a vinyl with 10 tracks, 4 interludes, a GM screen and a minimalist description of the setting. A tropical sci-fi RPG setting in LP format.
The first of its kind. From the outside, it looks like a regular record. But, once you open it, it doubles up as a GM screen with a description of the setting and a psych-map illustrated by Jason Bradley Thompson (Hot Springs Island, DandD walkthroughs). The music is the setting itself. It can be used as a soundtrack, but is much more than that. Instead of reading the pages of a book, the GM and the players listen to the music to imagine the sounds, smells, textures, flora, factions and creatures that populate the island. The setting includes invading robots, tribes that revere giant squids, flying stingrays, dangerous swamps, sentient volcanos and much more !