Michel Fiffe

Creating Copra

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“This 64 page guide is a step-by-step tour of Studio Copra, a personal in-depth account that covers everything from filling up a blank page to managing a small business: writing, penciling, inking, lettering, coloring, packaging, distributing, selling, cultivating relationships, building a catalogue, and putting artistic muscles to the test.

Copra Press has steadily worked with printers and retailers for over a decade to reach a global audience, self-publishing COPRA merch, zines, and over fifty comic books.

This first time collection of updated HOW TO editorials from Fiffe’s Patreon is packed with full-color examples, a brand new massive chapter detailing his latest challenges and strategies, plus illustrations exclusive to this edition.

CREATING COPRA is an invaluable tool for the modern cartoonist. It marries the practical with the idealistic, dissecting the creative process while demystifying the hurdles that are part of comics-making in today’s world.”